The calm after the storm…

It’s taken me days of tweaking, twiddling and adjusting, but I think I finally have a workable rehearsal schedule for the cast. I also visited the house where we’ll be doing most of our rehearsals, and we seem to have a battle plan now.

David S and I are heading to the theatre Saturday. It’s my hope we’ll have a working ground plan by the end of the session.

Tomorrow, I need to redo the floorplan so that I can start fresh with the Six Characters version.

I’m also meeting with Jonathen tomorrow to discuss the producing end of this baby.

I need to start the process of creating the final flyer, and I need to do a couple of other housekeeping things, too. Anyone who wants to take an artistic crack at producing the final art is welcome to do so, but until I hear otherwise, I’ll just assume it’s me and move on.

Oh, and in the general front, we got our certified copies of the Articles of Incorp, so we’ve got the first key to getting the rest of our stuff established. That includes a bank account and the 501(c)(3) status.

We need to schedule another Board meeting, but I’ve been so busy trying to break up the script into manageable chunks, I’ve been concentrating my attention elsewhere.

Hoping that’s coming to an end soon.

It’s not too early to start thinking about other productions/schedule items, I might add. I know there’s Alice in Wonderland, and that’s cool. Any other ideas out there?