Still no word, but some progress anyway…

As of today I have found three different published versions of Six Characters. I think the last (Brustein) is definitely the most easily performed, but there’s some serious stage magic that just won’t be possible in the space we’re planning to use, so I’m going to go around it.

And I think I’ll be transcribing his version, incorporating some of the stuff in my World Drama version (which is the first one I read), and with a few adjustments we should have a working script ready to use for auditions.

If only the other shoe would drop regarding using the space. I suspect I won’t hear anything serious until after I return from the con, but if not, then I’ll start pursuing other alternatives. And the space will be available soon enough, I think.

Meanwhile, I can develop the blocking, the props/sets list, and start fishing for designers/etc.

I’m excited – and looking very much forward to putting the show onstage!


From: dhs
2005-05-03 11:16 pm (local)

“I think I’ll be transcribing his version”

One thing that Jaki did for “Hamlet” was put the script into a spreadsheet. That way notes and stage directions can be put in columns adjacent to the lines. If I had thought of it in time, the lighting cues would have been added to the same spreadsheet…