Six Characters in Search of an Author is history!

Sorry to say that we only had two weeks. The show received quite a bit of verbal praise, and we’ve made our mark/splash as intended.

We’ll be settling out with the Greenbelt Arts Center this coming week, but in the interim, you should know that over 190 people saw the show these last two weeks.

We’ll post more when the next production goes to auditions – in the meantime, keep your eyes on this space for other announcements, including upcoming planning meetings to discuss our By-Laws, the post-production results and future plans. We’ll likely meet at the beginning of November, before folks get too tied up in Thanksgiving plans.

If you want to be involved, don’t forget to sign up on the YahooGroups lists (noted on this BLOG), and let us know about your availability.

We have a bright future ahead of us!

Thanks for your support!!!