Script uploaded for review only!

Hi, folks!

I’m sort-of crossposting this message to the LJ folks at large, because I know not all of you have subscribed to the O2B2 mailing list(s) (yet).

I’ve just uploaded the script for Six Characters. It needs review for location (moved from Boston to here), and for a few other things (flown scenery, which we won’t have). Want to know where it is? Ask me (in comments or by email). when it’s through the first review process, I’ll be submitting it to the Greenbelt Arts Center as a possible joint venture for late fall. Not sure if we’re live or memorex, but as soon as I have something firm (on paper), I’ll be announcing auditions. I’m already interested in hearing from production people (stage manager, designers, props, etc.). If things go well, we’ll be looking at auditions in July/August.

This is also a general call for interested parties to get in touch with me about production, and a reminder that we have two mailing lists (o2b2 and o2b2-announce) at yahoogroups dot com, as well as an o2b2 LJ community.

If you want to know what we’re doing, be involved in the production, or eventually audition for any of the roles, you should consider joining one of these announcement outlets.

Oh, and while I’m at it, there’s a nifty new contact form on the site, at: .

Try it out. I think I fixed all the bugs, and it should be working right, now.

Meanwhile, I’m going to make an attempt at real sleep. This is what kept me away until 2am this morning!