On February 2, 2015, I posted the following plea:

Just putting it out there that if you’re interested in seeing a revival of our company, you should let us know. We remain on hiatus until we get enough interest to revive our status. We can’t do it alone.

Looking for board members who truly believe we can make great theatre with the right combination of talent and a keen interest in high quality production values.

Sadly, no response means no theatre.

It was fun while it lasted, but there are still plenty of options for doing theatre in the DC region.

This site will remain available for anyone who wishes to visit the blog, but the company is effectively dead.

Thank you for believing in the work we did. I’m sad that we couldn’t bring enough momentum to relaunch, but I’m moving on.

My best wishes to everyone who was ever involved in our productions. Thanks for all the memories.

Betsy R. Marks
Artistic Director