Almost there…

This is a head’s up, for the five of you who are paying attention (you know who you are)…

We have been approved to do A Company of Wayward Saints by George Herman at the Greenbelt Arts Center this coming July. I am directing. Jonathen E is my Assistant Director, and Jo R is playing Columbine. All other parts are open. Auditions are TENTATIVELY scheduled for April 10 and 11, subject to change at whim.

A more official announcement is awaiting an actual guarantee of scheduling dates, but as soon as I have them, I’ll be updating our web site, which can be found here:

All technical parts are also open, with the possible exception of Lighting Designer.
For more info, see the web site and follow instructions for contacting us, or just comment here!


Steve K 2006-03-19 11:32 pm (local)

w00t w00t!

Jeff P 2006-03-20 04:42 pm (local)

when will you:

have copies available?
after that, time to discuss?