Web Site updates…

Just updated the web version of the script, with technical adjustments to remove mentions of scenery we have NO CHANCE of using in our space. Not a lot of edits, but still. And I reformatted the whole script so that the character appears left and the dialogue is now right. Improved the space by a whole page. Whoopee.

Next on the hit parade, identifying the actual portions of the script I want to use for auditions. I’ll have that done this weekend/early next week.

I’ve also hauled out my copy of Hodge’s Play Directing for a refresher course in the stuff I think I already know. I’d forgotten how dense that book actually is. Not a lot of personal notes in it, either, and my directing teacher died (suddenly) some 10 years ago or so, and that make him kinda unavailable for comment. Wish I could invite him or my old acting teacher to the show. I’d love to show off…

There’s other work done, too – press releases went out to 12 news sources yesterday. Hoping it wasn’t a day late, dollar short situation.

If you’ve got the time and inclination, and the spatial locality, you should consider printing a copy of the flyer to post where you work, attend church, do laundry, whatever. I’m doing what I can, but hauling small children around while making the rounds to the local community centers is proving tougher than I thought it would be.

Once we’re established, this should be easier, but still…

And finally, I’m starting to move on the incorp thing. Now that the script is done, finishing touches (getting the pieces picked for auditioning) means that I can free up some time to file the actual paperwork. That should happen this coming Tuesday or Wednesday. With luck, we’ll have our incorp. in our hands before the lights go down this fall.

Progress is good!

Carry on!!!