The press loves Catch-22 – only five performances left!

I’m wedging web work into the cracks while I’m doing billable work, but I wanted to be sure and get this info out to folks before the weekend’s upon us.

Catch-22 continues at the Greenbelt Arts Center through June 20. Check out our press!

Remaining performances are Friday and Saturday evenings of June 12, 13, 19 and 20 at 8 pm. A Sunday matinee is scheduled for this Sunday, June 14 at 2pm. Tickets are only $15 each ($12 for Seniors 65+ or students). Reservations may be made through the box office at 301-44-8770 or at the Greenbelt Arts Center at 123 Centerway, located beneath the Co-op supermarket.

The Devil's Christmas Carol logoAnd while I’m at it, don’t forget that Fringe tickets go on sale June 22nd at!

The Devil’s Christmas Carol will be at The Mountain at Mt. Vernon Place United Methodist Church on Saturday July 11 @ 5pm, Sunday July 12 @ 8pm, Sunday July 19 @ 3:45pm & Saturday July 25 @ 10pm. All Fringe tickets are $15.

You can vote for your favorite show, too – watch our space for when and how to vote!

The Devil’s Christmas Carol is a part of the Capital Fringe Festival, July 9-29, 2009.