Four roles still open! Additional auditions TUESDAY!


I’d appreciate it if you’d post this info where it seems appropriate, ASAP!!!

Additional auditions to be held tomorrow (Tuesday, January 30) from 7-9pm at the Director’s home. To arrange an audition and for directions, please contact us ASAP at 301-262-5201 (after 9am) or send email to prof20336 at yahoo com. This is a non-paid community theatre production.

Four roles still open (see synopsis/characters below). All ethnicities welcome. Auditions will consist of cold readings. Performance dates are April 27 to May 12, 2007 at St. James Episcopal Church in Bowie, MD.

From our web site:

MURDER TAKES THE STAGE by James Reach. Directed by Jo Rake. Produced by Betsy Delaney

This exciting mystery takes place at a Summer Theater, run by one Jane Bond, where a new play’s being rehearsed to open the season.Mitzi, Jane’s eager and lovely niece, has just joined the company. She’s a crime stories addict and she’s the heroine of the ensuing proceedings. Drew Pelman, the play’s author, has somehow managed to sign Hazel Laverne, glamorous theater personality, to star. It’s soon apparent Hazel’s cordially detested by most of the troupe who know her professionally from the past. During a rehearsal, a gun supposedly loaded with blanks is fired at Hazel, and she plays a very convincing death scene—for she’s truly dead! The local Sheriff and Mitzi’s set a most ingenious trap for the murderer.

Characters still open:

Jane Bond (35-45) runs a summer theater. A person of obvious breeding, she is personable, well-mannered and quietly efficient.

Sara Farnham (50s) is a former star whose looks are faded. She has a strong personality and the manners of a “Grande Dame”.

Ollie Dunning (30-45), the director of “the play”, is a poised, secure man with the personality of a leader. [May be cast female.]

Hal Rush (30-40s) is an actor usually assigned to character roles. He is not particularly attractive and has a caustic and unpleasant manner.

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Betsy Marks Delaney
Artistic Director
OutOftheBlackBox Theatre Company