Concrete answers – gotta love them!


So, after paying my way in to see Little Shop… (which wasn’t a half bad production – very impressive sets, and the female and male leads have serious potential), I got a chance to corner the VP of BRAVA and ask about the letter I sent them on behalf of O2B2.

Her response was about what I expected, given the news releases about the signatures on the Joint Use Agreement. They’re just waiting for the PG County Schools (and some $400,000 in additional funds) to finish the building. As soon as that signature is on paper, they’re closing the building to perform the rest of the construction necessary for finishing the spaces and opening to the public for real.

Ms. Nusser simply could not commit to scheduling our group into the space that far out.

So, I’ve made an executive decision to look elsewhere. And so far, I’ve gotten warm fuzzies from the Greenbelt Arts Center. Spoke with Mary Mitchell-Donahue, and she let me know my query has been passed on to the script review board for discussion. Further discussion with her, and we may have a workable solution, though it might be for a different part of the calendar than we originally expected.

So, I’ve got it on my plate for THIS WEEK to finish treating the script for adjustments, so that we can get to a production meeting and actually submit the script for consideration with Greenbelt’s upcoming season. It all sounds very promising, at least in theory.

When the script is ready to read, I’ll PDF it and put it up online.

Please be sure to pass the existence of this BLOG on to whomever you think might be interested! I’ll be adding links to this and to the Yahoo Groups lists to the web site shortly. Got a couple of things on the todo list ahead of the update, but it should be this week.