Script uploaded for review only!

Hi, folks!

I’m sort-of crossposting this message to the LJ folks at large, because I know not all of you have subscribed to the O2B2 mailing list(s) (yet).

I’ve just uploaded the script for Six Characters. It needs review for location (moved from Boston to here), and for a few other things (flown scenery, which we won’t have). Want to know where it is? Ask me (in comments or by email). when it’s through the first review process, I’ll be submitting it to the Greenbelt Arts Center as a possible joint venture for late fall. Not sure if we’re live or memorex, but as soon as I have something firm (on paper), I’ll be announcing auditions. I’m already interested in hearing from production people (stage manager, designers, props, etc.). If things go well, we’ll be looking at auditions in July/August.

This is also a general call for interested parties to get in touch with me about production, and a reminder that we have two mailing lists (o2b2 and o2b2-announce) at yahoogroups dot com, as well as an o2b2 LJ community.

If you want to know what we’re doing, be involved in the production, or eventually audition for any of the roles, you should consider joining one of these announcement outlets.

Oh, and while I’m at it, there’s a nifty new contact form on the site, at: .

Try it out. I think I fixed all the bugs, and it should be working right, now.

Meanwhile, I’m going to make an attempt at real sleep. This is what kept me away until 2am this morning!


Concrete answers – gotta love them!


So, after paying my way in to see Little Shop… (which wasn’t a half bad production – very impressive sets, and the female and male leads have serious potential), I got a chance to corner the VP of BRAVA and ask about the letter I sent them on behalf of O2B2.

Her response was about what I expected, given the news releases about the signatures on the Joint Use Agreement. They’re just waiting for the PG County Schools (and some $400,000 in additional funds) to finish the building. As soon as that signature is on paper, they’re closing the building to perform the rest of the construction necessary for finishing the spaces and opening to the public for real.

Ms. Nusser simply could not commit to scheduling our group into the space that far out.

So, I’ve made an executive decision to look elsewhere. And so far, I’ve gotten warm fuzzies from the Greenbelt Arts Center. Spoke with Mary Mitchell-Donahue, and she let me know my query has been passed on to the script review board for discussion. Further discussion with her, and we may have a workable solution, though it might be for a different part of the calendar than we originally expected.

So, I’ve got it on my plate for THIS WEEK to finish treating the script for adjustments, so that we can get to a production meeting and actually submit the script for consideration with Greenbelt’s upcoming season. It all sounds very promising, at least in theory.

When the script is ready to read, I’ll PDF it and put it up online.

Please be sure to pass the existence of this BLOG on to whomever you think might be interested! I’ll be adding links to this and to the Yahoo Groups lists to the web site shortly. Got a couple of things on the todo list ahead of the update, but it should be this week.


What’s up???

The script, that’s what! Just finished the first stage of prep. Transcription completed this afternoon, now ready for some inspection/correction as I take it from Cambridge, Mass. to Bowie, MD.

We’ll be getting a new meeting (pre-production) together fairly soon – beginning of June, I think.

Still no word on the BCPA, but I’m going to keep going with the same Sept/Oct timeframe in mind. I meet with Bowie High’s music teacher on Monday, so we can chat about the future. She apparently teaches two theatre classes, and she’s got some fine actors who can’t sing worth beans, so this may well turn out to be a perfect set-up!

More as I have it!

Still no word, but some progress anyway…

As of today I have found three different published versions of Six Characters. I think the last (Brustein) is definitely the most easily performed, but there’s some serious stage magic that just won’t be possible in the space we’re planning to use, so I’m going to go around it.

And I think I’ll be transcribing his version, incorporating some of the stuff in my World Drama version (which is the first one I read), and with a few adjustments we should have a working script ready to use for auditions.

If only the other shoe would drop regarding using the space. I suspect I won’t hear anything serious until after I return from the con, but if not, then I’ll start pursuing other alternatives. And the space will be available soon enough, I think.

Meanwhile, I can develop the blocking, the props/sets list, and start fishing for designers/etc.

I’m excited – and looking very much forward to putting the show onstage!


From: dhs
2005-05-03 11:16 pm (local)

“I think I’ll be transcribing his version”

One thing that Jaki did for “Hamlet” was put the script into a spreadsheet. That way notes and stage directions can be put in columns adjacent to the lines. If I had thought of it in time, the lighting cues would have been added to the same spreadsheet…

Script ordered!!!

Called Backstage (was going to go down there on a lark), but they don’t have the script and buying a new mailbox for our house is higher priority, so I ordered the script online.

It should be here in 2-5 business days.

And away we go!

Done – sort of…

Letter written to Mary Nusser at BRAVA concerning getting us on the calendar for the recital hall. Called earlier but got the answering machine, and decided that writing a letter was the better part of valor. When I’ve heard something back from them, I’ll let people know.

Meanwhile, I could be taking a field trip tomorrow to Backstage in DC, as Director in Search of a Script. Wish me luck!

First Meeting – 4/17/2005

First Meeting: April 17, 2005, 2pm-5pm

Attended: LS, DS, BD, DD & JK

Summary: Exceptionally productive (I think), considering how much is still nebulous.


1. BRAVA – Main contacts are: Mary Nusser (VP, public mouthpiece) and Hugh Reams (Technical contact). BD will be talking to either of these people come Monday, requesting more information on getting on the schedule this fall. (see below) There’s a bunch of political stuff that’s holding up regular scheduling, which will hopefully be resolved soon. The political stuff may also interfere with doing our first production at the Bowie Center for the Performing Arts (BCPA) – we could be The Theatre Company in Search of a Venue. That won’t stop us, but it could complicate things production-wise. (FYI: The BCPA is going to be managed, eventually, by three entities: The City of Bowie, PG County Parks, and Bowie High School. The Joint Use Agreement (JUA) hasn’t been signed yet. There’s been a lot of press in both local Bowie papers concerning the ongoing process of signing the paperwork. Any progress of a positive nature will be posted here later.)

2. BD should attempt to get feedback from the Bowie Arts Committee re their decision regarding denying our grant proposal. We’d like to know if there’s anything we could have done differently to make our proposal more attractive. Fact finding.

3. BD will also have a chat with Bowie High staff, with the county and the city people who will eventually be in charge of the building. Just to touch base and start building a relationship. (See #1)

3. The meeting members reviewed the budget provided to the Grant committee – Adjustments are needed:
Add for Box Office (ticket printing)
Add for Program Printing

In general, the budget is more or less accurate. Some figures (insurance, rental fees, etc.) will need to be updated, based on reality. The first estimated budget can be found at the end of the Grant Proposal online on the O2B2 web site ( It looks like costs will run approximately $2k for this first production.

4. Who’s interested in working with us? BD reviewed the list of interested parties (mainly on the two mailing lists). People who aren’t yet on yahoo groups should be moving there very soon (either to the main list or to the announcements only list). This will probably be the last message sent to the local list (in BD’s address book). After today, you may drop off the mailing list! See the bottom of this message for instructions on subscribing!

5. BD or LS will research Paper Direct for letterhead types to use for mailing letters/press releases out.

6. Setting a date range for Six Characters: The group at the meeting feels that the last weekend in September, through third weekend in October, Friday/Saturday nights, is a good starting range for requesting space. We’re trying to be flexible. We’ll be trying for one or two consecutive weekends, two performances each weekend (8pm). Once we’re set and on the schedule, we can advertise for auditions, arrange for rehearsal space. Can we use the recital hall? (Probably not, but we should check anyway.) BD will check on this info the beginning of next week, so we can start to plan auditions, rehearsals, and so on.

7. We need blueprints for layout of the recital hall space. Betsy will try to get a copy of this when she talks with the BRAVA people.

8. BD will direct the first production. JK will pick up a copy of the script from Backstage:

Six Characters in Search of an Author [21176] $7.95
Luigi Pirandello. A New Adaptation by Robert Brustein
(Drama / All Groups)

9m, 3f, 2c, extras Royalty, $50-$40

Pirandello’s masterpiece, a study in illusion and reality, follows a group of characters who try to fashion their life stories into acceptable drama. Mr. Brustein’s new rendering is accessible, contemporary, and highly speakable while retaining the flavor of the Italian original.

9. What will we do in the Spring? Ideas? We should have something identified before we go to production, so we can include the announcement in the program. Ideally, we should have something for the following fall and/or summer as well, so we can get on the Convention/Visitors Bureau calendars, and in the newspaper’s annual events calendars as well. What should these titles be? When should we target the dates for these productions? Who will direct (not BD, not two productions in a row!).

10. Filing for nonprofit paperwork should happen immediately after CC is over (beginning of May) – Filing for 501(c)(3) afterwards. BD will start to fill out the paperwork when she returns from the con, with KT’s help.

11. We will need to identify creative fund raising activities/objects that aren’t food. Ideas?

12. We’ll be looking to borrow the set pieces that we will need for the first production. No scenery (flats) will be needed. Possibly some one-foot risers and the rest will be handled by lighting.

13. We’ll be approaching local businesses for advertising and for sponsoring.

14. LS mentioned a willingness to help provide some financial backing if necessary. BD said, “Right now I’m not asking for people to cough up bucks to support this endeavor. We’ll cross that bridge if we get to it.”

The next meeting will be at our house in Bowie, date and time TBD depending on what happens over the next week or so. Since several of the interested individuals will be away on honeymoon very shortly, and we’ll be heading to Costume-Con, the next meeting won’t be until sometime around the middle of May. Any weekend dates good/bad for people?

And finally, if you’re receiving this message through, you don’t need to worry. For the rest of you, I would encourage subscribing to either


so that we can communicate with each other without filtering through me.

Have a great weekend!!!

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