An O2B2 Update for the curious…

I’ve been promising an update for at least a week, and here it is:

We have met with the Greenbelt Arts Center. Talk happened. Tours happened. Details were exchanged. And while I still don’t have a piece of paper in my hands, we are now a WHOLE LOT closer to an actual, concrete, scheduled plan!

What I have done, besides meeting with the facilities manager there, is to file for the rights to perform Six Characters. No word yet (I’m holding my breath, but not much), but then, the paper will go to GAC, not to us, because that’s the address of the performance space. So, I imagine that Mary will call me or send email as soon as she sees paper on the subject. And in the meantime, I’m wrapping up loose ends like there’s no tomorrow, because I want to clear the decks.

Tentative audition dates: June 26-28 or thereabouts at GAC. Performance dates (even more tentative, pending actual permission to perform): the last two weekends in September, with three performances each weekend.

Yeah, I know that’s also when the MD Renfaire takes place, but hopefully that won’t cramp people’s style when we get there.

I’d pass the dates around to everyone now, but for the fact that the GAC needs to get our committment down in writing, which hasn’t happened yet.

I also learned something else: They have two additional weekend slots potentially available. First would be teens weekend of November. Second, teens weekend of December. I am considering throwing open the doors to proposals for one-two performance projects. Quickies, just to keep our name fresh, and to tread water for spring. So, any thoughts on the subject?*
*No Shame Theatre is one very good possibility. A staged reading of A Christmas Carol or other appropriately wintry piece in December is another possibility.

There are more details, but these are the biggies. And I’ve looked at the space, and now have a much better idea of how we’re going to stage this thing, but getting a stage manager and designers on board soon would be a good thing.

Keep your eyes open for more announcements as they come!