A long overdue update on OutOftheBlackBox Theatre Company…

Hi, folks!

Hope you’re surviving the holidays!

Here’s what we’ve got so far in the way of progress.

First, I’ve gone in and adjusted the first draft of our by-laws to include input from several sources. If you’re getting a second copy of this message, it’s because I’m including you in the list of folks who should go read the new draft, noting that your comments came from LJ and not from our Yahoo Groups mailing list. You should consider joining at least the discussion list at o2b2@yahoogroups.com. The new draft is located here:


I think I caught everything people noted. Articles have been renumbered from the second IV on down, some additional language has been included to clarify some initially fuzzy logic. Please review this document and provide your comments ASAP! I’d like to see any comments returned by January 9th, if possible. Please feel free to pass this info on to anyone you think might have a meaningful contribution to this process.

Second, I spoke to John Pomeranz (Hi, John!) about our paperwork, and here, in paraphrase, is what he said to me. (He’ll correct me if I’m wrong, I’m sure…): We have approximately 27 months from the date of incorp to complete the paperwork and be accepted as a 501(c)(3), but we should be acting like one now. There is an online publication available to outline things like when letters need to be provided for donations of cash or goods, and so on.

I am interpreting this to mean that we could, in theory, begin to accept supporting donations now, without having the federal nod in place, but I’d still be a lot happier with the paper in our hands. It also means we have a little wiggle room for compiling this paper, but we should definitely consider filing our first set of tax forms as if we’re already a 501(c)(3).

Third, we have submitted /A Company of Wayward Saints/ to Greenbelt for consideration as a co-production during the month of July, 2006. Should our proposal be accepted, we will be holding auditions for the show this coming April. I have agreed to direct, with assistance from Jonathen Ezra (as Asst. Director) and Sean Eustis (as advisor/dramaturg). All other roles/positions are open with the exception of COLUMBINE, which is spoken for by the provider of the script, Jo Rake.

I have been told that the committee will not consider any script submitted for next GAC season until 1/6 at the earliest, so I will not know for at least a week whether or not our proposal has been accepted. If not, we can possibly submit elsewhere, but I’m not sure where yet.

Fourth, in today’s Gazette, Judson Berger had an article about the continued stasis of the Bowie Center for the Performing Arts. No progress has been made in signing the paperwork. I wish it were otherwise. It would have been a wonderful present. Sadly, we’re still waiting for word. I can take comfort that we aren’t alone…

Finally, I have received two additional scripts for consideration: /Moore with Les and Les/, an unproduced play, and a new version of /Volpone/ (The Fox), newly translated by Bill Jones. These are new projects which are being reviewed for future slots. We also have a possible production of “An Evening with Edgar” which Jaimee would like to direct, and there are other scripts out there which may work well for us once we have a place to produce them.

/Alice in Wonderland/ is effectively dead, for at least the next year and possibly longer. I love the script, but I feel that without having a firm grasp of the talent available and at our disposal, committing to the avant garde production is a bit too far out on a limb for us at this early stage. And we can add a final nail in that coffin by confirming that another local company is tackling the same exact script in this coming year.

I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year’s Eve! (I’ll be attending a local party with a Musicals theme and am trying to choose my character from a vast array…). And I would encourage folks to plan a trip to see Cabaret at GAC in the next few weeks (they open on 1/6). In addition to the new, interesting way the space will be laid out, you’ll get a chance to see the show that sucked me into theatre in the first place.

Come visit our web site, now conveniently located at:

OutOftheBlackBox Theatre Company

I’ll be updating it soon, to coincide with announcements of future productions.

Thanks for your continued support and interest! See you soon!!!

Betsy Marks Delaney
Artistic Director
OutOftheBlackBox Theatre Company, Inc.