10 steps forward!

Today, I dropped off the adjusted script (after I adjusted it once more for font size, saving three pieces of paper).

If I’d gotten my act together, I could even have seen the inside of the theatre, but that doesn’t matter much because it’s ALL good!

Tentative dates (subject to all manner of changes):

Auditions: June 26/27/28 at 7:30pm (at the Greenbelt Arts Center, because *they* think it’s a good idea(?!?))

Performances: Some configuration of Sept. 23/24/25 and 29/30/Oct 1

Pending all sorts of finalizations, but this looks like the best shot. And the timing couldn’t be better. It seems two things they intended to produce fell through, and we’d be filling one of the spots left open as a result.


We really need to meet. David is the ONLY one besides Gale who got back to me (she doesn’t have specific dates – just “sooner is better”). I would really like to meet before auditions.

Time to throw open the proverbial doors and announce to the world!